My biodata
Astrology is born instinct in me.I learn ed predictive astrology hereditary.I was born in Malad,Mumbai in 1978 but my native place is in Gulbarga,Karnataka.I belong to Lingatre Brahman south Indian family.All my family descendants are serving in the field of astrology & remedial measures.My father Mr Padamakar Shambhuling Wakode is a well known astrologer remedial master & master of kesari ganit in Ahmadabad.This parental gift enriched my ability too much.

My  experience
I am serving in this field since last 15 years and it seems I am quite successful in gaining this knowledge through personal experience and research. It gives me inner happiness when I feel that I have brought a meaning change someones life.

My Academic Qualification I Astrology
My first teacher was my father.My formal education is from south, Ghandgapur, Guru Dattatraya Math,I have blessings of Shri Sai Baba and my Guru Shambhuling.

My Desire
I love to serve the society with my gifted power of astrology and discard off people's problems in their future and give remedies to their problems.

I am expertise In
Horoscope reading ,face reading ,Vastu, signature reading , thumb reading,palmistry. I am a devotee of Sai Baba so my god gifted power provokes me to help all those who come to me with a hope of better life.

My Inspiration
My mother was my first inspiration of my life.Her presence is with me always.Working with this field I have seen so many ups and downs of life.My wife supported me a lot but my friend, my love,supported me,encouraged me & exposed me to achieve and hold a good position in this field
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