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Vaastu is a science of direction, shapes and position of the place and surrounding in which we live in. It takes care of the health and happiness of the individual. This is a allied subject and remedial part of Om Sai Jyotish World. This is the result oriented field to assure harmony with the universal rythm of creation resulting in health, wealth, prosperity, wisdom, by adjusting the things around us to our benefit. The five elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Sky govern our life.

Vaastu Shastra is an ancient science which is called structural science which lays down certain astrological rules and regulations. The recommendations are based on certain rules perfected over hundreds of years by our great sayers. It takes into consideration factors like profession, age, marital status, children, etc of the occupants. Directions of the house/plot where house is to be constructed as well as location and directions of various segments of the house like bedroom, lounge, kitchen, bathrooms, corridors, etc. Buildings and apartments with appropriate Vaastu provide health, happiness and prosperity where as negative Vaastu will have losses in health, Ill-repute, hurdles etc.

Improve your health, wealth, luck by observing the following suggestions of Vaastu:

For Home or Factory

  • The gate of your house/factory should be in the East, North East or North direction.
  • The gate of your house/factory should not face any religious place, especially a temple.
  • No shade of religious place should fall on your house
  • In the house the place of worship should be on North East or Eastern corner
  • Never make your kitchen towards North East nor it should be infront of or next to toilet.
  • Keep your store for costly goods or money in the North East side in your house.
For Factory or Shop
  • Factory plot should always be rectangular or sqaure in shape.
  • Borewell or Tubewell should be in the North East direction only.
  • The transformer, electric supply and instruments should be in the South East direction.
For Industrial or Commercial Buildings
  • Heavy machinery and large height should be situated in the South West
  • Software marketing should be on the East or North side
  • Accounting should be on the South West
  • Telemarketing should be on the East
  • Board Room should be on the East side with the CEO sitting facing North
  • There are many other areas that require a designated placement. This can be only achieved after studying each Industry and its activities
Our Vaastu experts have an edge on this knowledge because of astrology to understand your circumstances better and can help you through Vaastu. Rectification which will bring fast, accurate and amazing results to home and business.

Please note that whatever information is given here on a primary level, one should not make or build a home without having consultation of well experienced and qualified Vaastu expert.

Vaastu is very important in your office and home. Without the proper Vaastu of your business and office, you are forced to work hard, its just like the running Air Conditioner and leaving the doors open.

We request you to understand that if your home or business is not properly synchronised then your health and material wealth will slowly decrease in quality and quantity.

If you are facing any problem in your new home or in your business you can contact us for detailed Vaastu Report.

You can ask 3 questions related to your Vaastu and we will answer.

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